Santos Productions established the Academy in July 2008.  Offering classes in Singing and Acting from children from the age of 4 to adults. 

We offer :
Singing and Acting classes combined for Infants (Age 4-7)
Singing Classes for Children (Age 8 to 12)
Acting Classes for Teenagers (Age 13 – 19)
Singing Classes for Adults (20 +)
One to One Singing Classes
Choir (All Aged combined)

We pride ourselves in giving our students an all round education in the Arts.  Not only do they learn about their chosen discipline, but also about theatre, production, and performance in general.



In the group classes we teach our students vocal technique in order to understand their voice and how it works.  It is important to use the voice in a safe manner and avoid any possible damage. We also teach pieces using the relevant techniques taught and also start with harmony work.  We touch upon basic music theory and musical terms as well as aural skills.  Eventually student will progress into the study of Sight Singing.

One to One's:

In these classes students get a more personalised lesson catering to their personal needs.  The main focus is on technique and how to apply it when preparing a piece.  Interpretation plays a very important part of the one to one classes and students progress at a very fast pace with this personalised attention.


All ages are mixed in this one group.  This class is 90 minutes as opposed to an hour due to the amount of students involved as well as the amount of work that has to be achieved.  Our main focus is on harmony and performance.  Most students come to the other singing classes and are ready to put all they have learnt into practice.  We prepare pieces at a very fast pace and tend to perform very regularly in various local shows and competitions.  We aim to push the children to their utmost potential and there is a big focus on discipline.



Our syllabus includes voice work focusing on diction, projection, phonetics and breathing.  We also feature in depth study of improvisation and encourage students to explore their creative side.  A big focus is on team work and we study the theatre as our home.  Mime also plays a big role as it is the best way to study physicality. We later develop into the study of text and stylistics as well as audition techniques. 

Students from the academy regularly feature in various local shows including Miss Gibraltar 2009 and the Gibraltar Song festival 2010 as well as shows designed especially for them by Santos Productions.  Shows have included, “Disney Dreams”, “High School Musical” and “Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella”.

The singing division has also taken part in the Gibraltar Festival of Young Musician's having won many awards including:

1st Place Youth Choir 2010 and 2008
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place in the Senior Vocal Solo 2010
1st Place in the Intermediate Vocal solo 2010
1st and 3rd Place in the Junior Vocal Solo 2010
Most Promising Vocalist 2010
1st Senior Vocal Ensemble

2nd Place Senior Vocal Solo 2009 
2nd Place Junior Vocal Solo 2009

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Adult Solo 2008
2nd and 3rd Place  Intermediate Solo 2008
2nd and 3rd Place Junior Solo 2008
1st Place Intermediate Vocal Duet 2008
Most Promising Vocalist under 12 2008
Most Vibrant Performer 2008
Most Promising Vocalist under 18 2008


If you are interested in joining Santos Productions Academy do not hesitate to contact us.